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Permanent Residency - Canada

A permanent resident of Canada is someone who has been awarded this status after emigrating to the country.Permanent residents are entitled to many of the same privileges as Canadian citizens. They must, however, keep their status, unlike citizens, by completing certain requirements, such as the residency requirement. In recent years, Canada has risen to the top of the list of desired destinations for permanent residence. It is one of the easiest countries to obtain a permanent residency visa, and it is an ideal destination to live and work. Its outstanding infrastructure, high level of living, plentiful work opportunities, and safe and peaceful society attract immigrants from all over the world. The best option to settle in Canada is to apply for a Canada permanent residency from India. You can live and work in Canada permanently if you have PR status

Benefits of Permanent Residency In Canada

• Anywhere in Canada may you live, study, or work.
• After three years in Canada and completing additional qualifications, you can apply for Canadian citizenship.
• Sponsor eligible family members for permanent residency in Canada.
• Receive the same free health care, education, and other social benefits as a Canadian citizen.
• Protection is provided by Canadian law and the Charter of Rights and Freedoms.

How to get permanent Residency in Canada?

Depending on the type of immigration or immigrant category, the Canadian government has created numerous pathways/programs to get a Canadian Permanent Resident visa. Because each programme has its own set of procedures and requirements, you must follow the application process for the immigration programme that applies to your situation in order to apply for a PR visa.

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