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Study in Ukraine

Why Study in Ukraine?

Ukraine is the European continent’s second-largest country. It is located in Eastern Europe, with Kiev serving as the capital and largest city. Ukraine has risen to the top of the list of preferred student destinations because it provides a high-quality education at a reasonable cost.With about 75,605 international students studying in Ukraine has the greatest international student population in Europe, with universities from all over the world.. This could be due to the country’s high educational standards, the country’s comparatively low fee structures, or a combination of the two. In Ukraine, there are six different types of higher education institutions, each with its own accreditation level. Institutions having the highest level of accreditation, such as universities, academies, and conservatories, offer bachelor’s degree programmes and higher.

Best Courses in Ukraine

2. Engineering and Technology
3. MBA and Management
4. Business and Economics
5. Aviation

Top Reasons to Study in Ukraine

  • The inexpensive degrees offered are recognised all over the world.
  • Cultural exposure opens up a lot of opportunities for personal growth.
  • All of the classes are taught in English.
  • Provides many work opportunities and greater living standards.
  • Faculty that have been trained to manage foreign classrooms and who place a greater emphasis on the practical aspects of the course than the theoretical aspects.
  • Admissions are simple to obtain.
  • Student visas are simple to obtain.

Student Life in Ukraine

A student’s life in a Ukrainian university is similar to that of most institutions around the world. Depending on the course, there will be a large number of lectures, assignments, and laboratory work. There will also be a few hours dedicated to socialising with teachers and other students, which they believe is crucial in adapting to the country and improving learning outcomes. International students can also learn the local language in their first year of school, which will help them better grasp the language and culture in the years ahead.Most Ukrainian universities mandate 100 percent attendance, which may only be made up by attending compensatory classes. If they do not cooperate, their right to sit for final exams will be taken away, and they will forfeit their degree.Ukrainian universities feature a multicultural culture, with students from all over the world attending educational institutions. This necessitates students’ willingness to recognise and accept variety, as well as the ability to comprehend diverse points of view without being judgmental.

Visa Requirements for Ukraine

  • With a Ukrainian Visa, you’ll need an international passport or travel document.
  • University letter of invitation
  • A birth certificate translated into Ukrainian and attested by a Notary Public or the Ukrainian Embassy.
  • Educational certificates must be translated into Ukrainian and attestation provided by a Notary Public or the Ukrainian Embassy.
  • Medical certificate must be obtained at least two months prior to travel to Ukraine. This must be translated into Ukrainian and confirmed by a Notary Public or the Embassy of Ukraine.
  • In Ukrainian, a certificate certifying that the student has been HIV-AIDS tested negative. At least 2 months prior to visiting Ukraine, this must be issued and attested.
  • Students must have health insurance for a year or for the duration of their stay.

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