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Study in USA

Why Study in USA?

The United States of America requires no further explanation. The world is your oyster if you want to attain your ambitions.

The country has a diversified ethnic population, the most top-ranked universities, and beautiful terrain. The United States is a land of opportunity for immigrants seeking new perspectives. It is a country that is not only known for technological innovation and scientific research, but also for its film industry, as well as art and architecture. With the most diverse population in the world, the United States is a true melting pot of lifestyles and cultures.
With over 800,000 students choosing the United States as their preferred foreign education destination, the United States has the biggest population of international students. As one of the most popular study abroad locations, the country provides international students with numerous professional options in a variety of sectors.

Degrees in USA

  1. Associate Degree – It is a degree that falls in between a diploma and a bachelor’s degree. After finishing a two-year college programme, this degree is conferred, and after two more years of study, it leads to a bachelor’s degree.
  2. Bachelor’s Degree – In the United States, the initial stage of higher education (after high school) lasts four years on average (five years in some specialisations, such as architecture) and leads to a Bachelor’s Degree if completed successfully.
  3. Master’s Degree – In the United States, the first four years of higher education (after high school) last on average four years (five years in some specialisations, such as architecture) and result in a Bachelor’s Degree if successful.

Top Reasons to Study in USA

  • Financial support for international students with scholarships
  • Top notch technology
  • Opportunity for Research, Training, and Teaching
  • Wide variety of programs to offer
  • Highly sought after by Employers

Student Life in Canada

Students who come to the United States for educational purposes join a global society, making it easier to grow their professional network and associations. Students in the United States frequently have a busy schedule juggling internships, assistantships, and schoolwork. You will also have the chance to participate in a variety of co-curricular activities, workshops, events, meetings, and projects as a student. In the United States, social life varies depending on where you live.

City life is dynamic and vibrant, but areas on the outskirts of cities are quieter and less crowded. Studying in the United States teaches you to think more logically and pragmatically. It’s nearly certain that you’ll meet and become friends with students from all around the world.

Visa Requirements for Canada

  • Get the documents you’ll need to finish the application.
  • You must apply for a US visa through the NIV website: DS-160 form
  • After that, you should pay your US visa expenses online.
  • Submit your application after this is completed. A fee receipt and DS-160 confirmation will be emailed to you.
  • Schedule your US Visa appointment using the DS-160 application barcode and the visa fee receipt number. This will require two appointments. The biometric submission takes place at a VAC (Visa Application Center), and the visa interview takes place at a US Embassy or Consulate-General.
  • First, get your biometrics, passport, appointment, and D-160 confirmation sheets from the VAC.
  • If you pass the interview, you will be awarded a US visa.
  • Pick up your passport at the designated place.

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